Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Chocolate mousse

Well, Green Man Festival was a tad muddy. The kids called it chocolate mousse, we have been cleaning 'chocolate mousse' off everything for the last 3 days. I enjoyed some bits, but it was a real shame about the weather, it would have been completely different, and much easier if we had a bit more sun. I really appreciate my home comforts after camping!


  1. Hi! Yip it was very chocolate mousse like! And I know exactly what you mean about running out of clothes, we had a bit of a meltdown with that, but did you know there is a laundry on site? I had read it on the forum, and after asking a handful of stewards who had no idea about it, we discovered it's right down beside Tangerine Fields. They washed everything in the day and hurrah we survived! But we didn't get to watch all the bands we wanted to either and on the Friday we spent a large part of the day just in the tent as it was too hideous to go out in! x

    1. Yeah, we camped in the family field which had a laundry place nearby. I think it was about £15 for a wash & dry. I thought I'd just leave it till we got home! We only watched a couple of bands really, and my little girl had been v. excited about Michael Kiwanuka, but got very frustrated because she couldn't see him. Last year they had big screens, which was loads better, as you could see the bands much clearer. Ah well, I'll stop moaning now!!!!