Thursday, 22 May 2014

May Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers - Editorial

This month's mini was to draw people and faces, looking at dolls for inspiration. I think dolls are a bit less scary than drawing real people and I suppose it's easy to find something which appeals to you. So here are some of my doll doodles! (My daughter enjoyed getting some of her dolls out and drawing them with me).
So, the big assignment was an editorial piece, a full page magazine illustration about Meditating, about someone who is struggling to find the time to meditate - and doesn't really like doing it! I was a bit stuck to begin with as I've never done any editorial work. I also don't know a lot about meditating either. I wanted to use my original sketches, including this cat toy. I thought perhaps the meditating woman could be distracted by her cat. This was my slant on the brief, I tried to make it 'mine'!


  1. Love these rosie :D and love how your daughter joined in on the inky fun to! kate x

  2. Cheers for your nice comments. :)