Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A bit noisy!

We are having a bit of essential work done on the house at the mo. Chimney rebuilt, as it was wobbly, some new windows, as they were a bit rotten, stuff replaced, re-painted, pointed etc... The road is also being dug up to check the water pipes. The builder keeps saying "Well you will go buying these victorian houses!" It's all a bit stressful!!!! Grrrrr.....


  1. love pattern design! especially leaves on the tree! Wish you all the best & Merry Christmas!^^

  2. hi Rosie, I'm trying to get in contact with you and have left a message for you on your FB. I just wanted to get in touch here in case you see this first :0) Hope to hear back soon. Cheers!

  3. Hi Fhiona, I am now your friend and follower on FB! Sorry it took so long to reply, my poor blog is very neglected at the moment! Hope you are well and I think you FB page is fab. xx
    Thank you for the nice comment Nicholas!